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PODCAST 270: Life Force & Embrace of the Vampire [Stupid Amount of Nudity Edition]

This week Forest ends his run of cheap alien reviews with Tobie Hooper's titillating sci-fi take on the Dracula legend, Life Force. Cory joins in with a vampire film that borders on soft-core porno, Embrace of the Vampire - staring Alyssa Milano's breasts.


PODCAST 269: Xtro & From Beyond

This week Forest covers, yet another cheap alien flick. This time on the chopping block is Xtro which comes complete with an alien birth. Cory takes on the Lovecraft based effects film that tampers with inter-dimensional perception, From Beyond.


FROM UNDER THE RING: Matches To Drink Beer To

Check out the very first From Under the Ring, in which Cory, Forest & Jos - Slaughter Film's resident wrestling expert - have a sit down conversation about some of the best, and most memorable, and possible the most important matches in professional wrestling.


PODCAST 268: Alien Dead & I Dismember Mama

This week Forest scrapes the bottom of the barrel with yet another alien flick. This time around he uses the Slaughter Film time machine to visit a once bustling VHS movie rental, complete with the wretched, made for VHS schlock that is Alien Dead. Cory completes his look at "The Frenzy of Blood" double feature with I Dismember Mama, which comes completely with a rant about "incels".



Join the Horror Duo as they swill booze while Riffing the iconic Spielberg horror flick that made the World terrified to go into the water. The same happened again, more recently, in Flint Michigan, but for a far less shark related reason. Enjoy!


PODCAST 267: Contamination & Blood Spattered Bride

This week Forest takes a look at the Italian-German Alien rip-off - Contamination - about a giant egg laying brain. Inspired by Mad Ron's Prevues from Hell, Cory re-enters the wild world of exploitation/horror with Blood Spattered Bride.